Our Programs

Data Portal

The Data Projects Portal provides a repository of various data initiatives within the Los Angeles region, enabling stakeholders to search existing data efforts in a more discoverable and user-friendly way.

It’s the wiki for all data projects/initiatives – a free community platform to share your data work with others so that they can take your work to the next level.
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Data Literacy

The Data Literacy Program will provide educational opportunities that empower individuals to understand the role of data and how it affects their everyday lives.  Through this program, we will implement creative ways to share areas of data expertise and spotlight data stories which demonstrate societal good.  The program will demystify data and data science, while providing roadmaps so people can apply their skills and build upon known successes. 
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Idea Accelerator

Our idea accelerator is focused on social-impact driven causes ranging from focus areas like social justice, sustainability, and health. We utilize rapid sprints and prototyping through a series of iterations with the goal to create a series of measurable and successful outcomes.

These initiatives have a specific set of requirements and timelines that consist of a 2 week discovery, 4 week design phase, and 2 week implementation.
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