Data Portal

Data 4 Good is a collective of community leaders and organizations striving to use data and technology to do better and give back to the greater community.


The Data Projects Portal is an attempt from the Data4Good team to provide a repository of various data initiatives within the Los Angeles region, enabling stakeholders to search existing data efforts in a more discoverable and user-friendly way. It’s the wiki for all data projects/initiatives – a free community platform to share your data work with others so that they can take your work to the next level. COVID-19 has exposed disparities and silos in our work. So many organizations worked on the same COVID projects. Even though our intentions are selfless but redundant projects in a silo doesn’t help the community. How can multiply our efforts, instead of diminishing it?  Our objective is to avoid reinventing the wheel and build upon each other experiences. We are counting on all of you to make this happen.
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Team Members

Tala Ghazaleh

Project Manager

Muralidhar Kadambala

Project Manager

Nikhil Mehta

UI Reporting & Development

Joshua Villamarzo

UI Reporting & Development

Hari Krishnan

Data Engineer

Varchasvi Vedula

Data Analyst

Gerard Tieng


Stevie Rhim



Jagjit Dhaliwal

Deputy CIO at County of Los Angeles

Abraham Elmahrek

Founder at PadFever

Annie Flippo

Director Of Data Science At InMarket

Xavier Kochhar

Founder at The Video Genome Project