Data Literacy

Empowering individuals to understand the role of data and how it affects their everyday lives.

Challenges Observed
We are surrounded by data. It encompasses everything we do and everything we touch. We are tracked, codified, then run through prediction algorithms to varying effects and, quite often people don't know what to do about that. We aim to address the following questions:

• How do we navigate this data ecosystem?

• How can we ensure the data created from our digital lifestyles isn’t doing more harm than good?

• How can nonprofits use this data to help them achieve their missions?

• How can data scientists apply their skills to address larger societal questions? 
The first steps in learning to navigate the data ecosystem are to become both data literate and digitally literate. The D4G Data Literacy Program will:

• Provide educational opportunities that empower individuals to understand the role of data and how it affects their everyday lives

• Share areas of data expertise and spotlight data stories which demonstrate societal good

• Demystify data and data science, while providing roadmaps so people can apply their skills and build upon known successes

• Bring together activists, data scientists, and community leaders to explore how they can combine and amplify their unique skills and perspectives to use data for good.
• Equip individuals with a data literacy vocabulary that allows them to describe, define, and understand what they can expect from data and data-driven technologies.
• Share data stories which model how data is used ethically and for the good of the community.
• Provide use cases and roadmaps for how data can be used to make a positive social impact.

Solutions & Outcomes

“How Data Impacts My Life” Webinar Series

The first initiative of the D4G Data Literacy Program is a monthly webinar series focused on the impact of data on our daily lives. Through this series, we will share how social enterprises, nonprofits, data practitioners, and everyday individuals can leverage the power of data effectively and ethically to make a positive social impact. Past and future topics focus on the data behind topics including community health and COVID-19, social justice and racial equity, environmental justice and climate change, media and entertainment, education, and more

Event Highlights

Past Events

Healthy Communities + Data Science (Sep 2020)
Part of our "How Data Impacts My Life" Webinar Series
Our conversations about the pandemic are awash in data, but what does it really mean and how does this impact my life? At this inaugural webinar, we explored how the outbreak and its impacts are being measured, efforts on contact tracing, treatments and vaccine development, health policies, and more. We also focused on stories and examples on how data makes a difference to individuals, families, and organizations in building healthy communities.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Eleazar Eskin – Chair & Professor, UCLA Computational Medicine
Danielle Cameron – Chief Strategy Officer, National Health Foundation

Upcoming Events

Social Justice + Data Science (Nov 2020) – Registration is coming soon!
Environmental Justice + Data Science (Dec 2020) – Registration is coming soon!


Team Members

Katie Gainous

Program Manager

Maria T. Khan

Session Manager

Winston Wang



Jeanne Holm

Chief Data Officer
City of Los Angeles

Karen Borchgrevink

Executive Director
LA Tech4Good

Anita Sengupta

Research Associate Professor

Marie Smith

Co-Founder & CIO
Data 360

Germain Louie

Private Equity Associate
Oracle NetSuite